One of this year’s RE-volv projects is brought to you by the Solar Ambassador Team at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM). The project is taking place at the River Revitalization Foundation (RRF), Milwaukee’s urban rivers land trust. RRF focuses on the conservation and protection of riparian corridors in the city. Not only is RRF going solar, there are also plans to have a green roof installed in conjunction with solar panels.

“RRF wants to be part of a highly visible demonstration project that showcases alternative energy as well as stormwater management. The combination of green roof and solar will give the surrounding neighborhood and community a sample of what they can do on their own buildings to address these
issues”, said Kimberly Gleffe, Executive Director of RRF. “We also appreciate the partnership of the Solar Ambassador team, helping to implement this project”.

The Solar Ambassador Team at UWM is in the heart of their 45-day campaign to raise $10,567.
As of Monday March 6, 2017 the team has reached 30% of their goal with 29 days left. The Solar Ambassadors at UWM and RRF would like to thank Helios for donating all 10 solar panels required for the project.

Small commercial solar installations – including those used by nonprofits and co-ops – lag behind residential and other solar markets. More than 1.5 million nonprofits and nearly 30,000 co-ops in the United States could be saving money and reducing carbon emissions by going solar, but they often do not have access to solar financing. RE-volv is changing that through a firstof-its-kind revolving fund to finance solar projects for community-serving nonprofits and co-ops.

“ is a platform where people come together to bring solar power to communities that need it,” said Andreas Karelas, RE-volv’s Executive Director and founder. “Our new crowdfunding platform empowers people to take action for clean energy and allows them to see the result: solar on the roof”. In Milwaukee, RRF will be the 2nd project done with ReVolv; the most recentlycompleted project is on the roof of the Riverwest Co-op.

About RE-volv

RE-volv is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that empowers people to take direct action on climate change by crowdfunding solar energy projects for communityserving organizations. Taxdeductible donations made to RE-volv’s crowdfunding campaigns contribute to a revolving fund that provides solar financing for nonprofit and cooperatives around the country. RE-volv raises awareness about solar energy through its community-based solar projects and education and outreach programs. RE-volv is an inaugural member of the White House National Community Solar Partnership and a winner of the U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Catalyst program Business Innovation Award.

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