EPA GLRI grant of $505,000 invested in the River Valley

Our EPA-funded Great Lakes Restoration Initiative project to improve habitat in the Greenway is complete.

Spanning 45 acres, the project removed an estimated 249,415 pounds of herbaceous invasives and 1,290,438 pounds of woody invasives. We also broadcast 240 pounds of native seeds, and planted 10,758 plants and 1,645 trees. This work was completed in partnership with Milwaukee County Parks, Cream City Conservation and Consulting, and amazing community volunteers who contributed over 6,000 hours to the project. With so much invasive removal, the woodlands look dramatically different, with a more open understory and clearer view of the Milwaukee River. We also surveyed vegetation to assess the health of the Greenway and found some interesting native plants that we didn’t know were there, like Dutchman’s Breeches (Dicentra cucullaria).

Even though the grant is complete, we will continue to remove invasives and survey the
Greenway to keep learning more about our beautiful river valley.

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