Milwaukee RIver Greenway

Sometimes called Milwaukee’s Central Park, the Milwaukee River Greenway is 800 acres of river valley protected within a mile of downtown and includes 70% Milwaukee County Parkland. This grassroots advocacy effort started in 2006 to write legislation to preserve the “viewshed” – the view one has when on the water or along the trails that has no visual intrusions, such as buildings or smoke stacks or power lines. You’d never know you were in the city!

The Milwaukee River Greenway Coalition, working together in partnership for 15 years in 2021, assists Milwaukee County Parks (though an MOU) and municipalities take care of and enhance this natural urban gem for all to enjoy!

Milwaukee River Greenway logo

878 acres of trails and greenspace

28 miles of hiking, biking and water trails

Covers 6 miles of the Milwaukee River

LInks 12 public parks

What is the greenway?

The Milwaukee River Greenway is 878 acres of trails and greenspace along the Milwaukee river within the City of Milwaukee and nearby suburbs. There are currently over 28 miles of hiking, biking, and water trails along 6 miles of the Milwaukee River. Twelve public parks are linked together through proposed and existing public easements on private land; 70% of the land is owned by Milwaukee County Parks. The Greenway is the result of a community-driven effort to protect and responsibly manage the river valley. Hundreds of citizens, the City and County of Milwaukee, the Village of Shorewood, Rotary Club of Milwaukee and the following organizations have collaborated on the Greenway:
  • Cambridge Woods Neighborhood Association
  • Friends of Estabrook Park
  • Friends of Lincoln Park
  • MATC
  • Milwaukee County Parks
  • Milwaukee Environmental Consortium
  • Milwaukee Friends Meeting/Quakers
  • Milwaukee Riverkeeper
  • Milwaukee River Advocates Co-Op
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • River Revitalization Foundation
  • Sierra Club/Nearby Nature
  • Urban Ecology Center

River Revitalization Foundation (RRF) is the lead organization in the Milwaukee River Greenway Coalition, a group of stakeholders engaged in protecting the ecological and recreational value of over 800 acres of greenspace. The Coalition worked with the Village of Shorewood and the City of Milwaukee to adopt protective ordinances, which passed in 2006 and 2010 respectively, that permanently protect the Milwaukee River Valley from insensitive development. The Milwaukee River Greenway Master Plan was completed in 2010 with much public input and provides a comprehensive vision for the river as a unique urban wilderness containing restored natural communities and shared recreational opportunities.

view of river and trees in the greenway book cover

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join us for the greenway 15 celebration

The Greenway 15 will include 15 weeks of events to highlight our Greenway Coalition members & partners and promote the Milwaukee River Greenway from July 5th 2021 – October 17th 2021

Enjoy community events and activities like hiking, guided tours, bike rides, paddles, art shows, film screenings, cleanups, birding, volunteering, yoga, and more! Registration is OPEN until September 1st for the Hike15 Challenge!

River Revitalization Foundation is a proud member of the Milwaukee River Greenway Coalition and will be hosting our week from July 5th – July 11th as well as the Greenway Artists in Residence Week (8/16-8/22) and Greenway Wellness Week (9/20-9/26). Click the button below for event details!

Where is the greenway?

The northern part of the Greenway begins in Lincoln Park on Silverspring Drive and continues south past North Avenue eventually ending at RRF on Riverboat Road.

Greenway Partners

City of Milwaukee

City of Glendale

Village of Shorewood

Cambridge Woods Neighborhood Association

Friends of Estabrook Park

Friends of Lincoln Park

Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)

Milwaukee County Parks

Milwaukee Friends Meeting/Quakers

Milwaukee Riverkeeper

Milwaukee River Advocates Co-Op

River Revitalization Foundation logo

River Revitalization Foundation

Sierra Club's Nearby Nature Initiatve

Urban Ecology Center